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Another Member of My Stronger Self Getting Results!


Livingston County Resident, Lisa Johnson, Shares Her Secrets to Her Health and Weight Loss Success

My name is Lisa Johnson and I was at my highest weight of my lifetime.  As so many of us do, I tried the gambit of options from joining a weight loss program, then another weight loss program, an exercise club, then a gym and another gym, purchasing some exercise tapes, an exercise ball, a treadmill, and so on.  It seemed that the more I tried to lose weight, the more I either bought or joined.  Nothing was working.  I didn’t have the motivation nor the desire to exercise on my own.  I joined a bible study group focused on putting Christ first and I am learning to treat my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit, which is how we are designed by God.  I did focus and change many poor habits and began to find new healthier alternatives.  Still, exercise eluded me and I couldn’t find my routine.  I continually started and stopped exercising and felt like I was in a helpless holding pattern swirling around the potential to lose weight but never seeing success.  I lost motivation, focus, will power and many times even the desire to lose the weight I needed to in order to become healthy.

I prayed for guidance and then finally stumbled upon Lori Murphy’s Facebook page for My Stronger Self.  This didn’t sound like just another gym or just another weight loss program.  In March 2010 I contacted Lori and began a strength training regiment of 2 days per week and a cardio class 1 day per week.  The workouts were hard but Lori watched and made sure I was doing things correctly.  She varied the routines so boredom never set in and my muscle and core strength improved visibly each week.  I wasn’t thrown into a gym to flounder around to different machines doing the same routines time and time again.  Lori began offering a free co-ed and ladies boot camp each Saturday morning and I asked my husband to join me.   His loving support became the stepping stone of solidifying both of our commitments to a healthier lifestyle of strength and cardio training.  I now schedule my workouts at My Stronger Self like I schedule any other appointment that I must keep.  My health demands that I prioritize the time I need to exercise.

Lori now trains both my husband and me.  We are thrilled we have found such a gifted trainer in Lori.  My strength and energy is consistently growing as is my confidence that I can exercise and I can enjoy it when I am not left to figure it out on my own.    With Lori’s guidance I have lost pounds and inches.  I still have a way to go in my weight loss journey, but my path seems so much straighter than that previous winding road of disappointment I traveled on before.  I wouldn’t have and I couldn’t have pushed myself to this kind of success.

Thank you Lori!

1st Annual Fit For Life Challenge

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Brighton/Howell Fitness & Dance Studio Open House

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Livingston County Fitness & Dance Studio Open House

Join us at the My Stronger Self Fitness & Dance Studio for an Open House. We’ll be serving appetizers, drinks and giving away some great prizes.


And, DO NOT miss your opportunity to win FREE training for an ENTIRE year at My Stronger Self.


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