Twelve Gifts

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Twelve Gifts …

 The Gift of Surrounding Yourself with Success

The Gift of Choice

The Gift of Helping Other People Grow

The Gift of Believing in Yourself

The Gift of Changing Your Self Talk

The Gift of Exceptional Attitude

The Gift of Finding Your Focus

The Gift of Setting Great Goals

The Gift of Taking Control of Your Time and Life

The Gift of Putting Yourself Into Action

The Gift of Never Giving Up

The Gift of Doing Something You Love


I found this going through some things and I can’t remember who wrote it or where I even got it from, but life is funny. I happen to run acrossed it at a moment when I needed to read it again for myself. I love everything about it because you can give it to a friend, husband or wife, parent, your kids and it can apply to all of them and for anything going on in their life or not going on for that matter.

Lori and I often talk about the fitness studio and how best to describe it not only when people inquire or when we have to write something up but also why we love coming here every day.  You start with the first gift ”surrounding yourself with success”. We have a lot of successful people in the gym all you need to do is look around you.   Or what about the “gift of helping other people grow” … it’s not just Lori and I who get in on this, but so many of you are supportive and encouraging to others. It’s amazing! What about the “gift of taking control of your time and life”? We’ve heard so many women who would never dream of putting their needs first before their families. They soon realize after trying it out for a month that by making exercise and some time for themselves a priority they become better mothers, wives, workers and friends.

Finally, number twelve, “the gift of doing something you love” and I’m certain I can speak for Lori and rest of the staff at My Stronger Self, this one is so true for all of us. There is nothing we love doing more than spending time with all our you.

Thanks for letting us be a small part of your lives every day!

Let’s Get Physical!

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It’s that time of year again … January.


I need to think about getting into shape. What do I try this year? I’ve tried something new every year and I am still not that confident, healthy, in shape person I want to be.

I’ve joined a weight-loss program. I was pretty successful for awhile. I had to count my calories and go in and get

Brighton, MI - Weight Loss Program

weighed every week.  I lost 20 pounds but I still felt flabby and had low energy but I was losing weight.  Everything seemed to be going well but then I went on vacation. We had drinks, rich foods, ate at all times of the day and night.  I kept thinking I will start again when I get back. I felt defeated … It was hard to come back and start again so I never did.

Exercise is what I need I thought … that was my whole problem … no exercise! So, I joined an aerobic program. It was fun! I even got a couple of my friends to join me. I started to see results but after awhile I got bored with the same routine and the results stopped then I stopped.

The next year I asked for a treadmill for Christmas. Santa came through and I got one. My husband put it down in the basement for me.  I was really excited. I used it every day for a couple of weeks but slowly I started dreading going down to the basement and exercising by myself. Not only was it boring but there were so many distractions. My kids were calling me, I could see the cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, the phone was ringing and on and on. Besides I only burned a few calories each time and it just wasn’t enough. 

Last year I joined one of those 24 hour gyms. I thought what a great idea! All the equipment I could use, they are open 24 hours. What more could I ask for? I went for about a month and I slowly learned what more I could ask for.  Here

Personalized Group Training

was a room full of fancy equipment but I had no idea how to use most of it and what would best fit my needs. I also found that I was starting to tell myself that I could go anytime so I’d just wait till later. Well later never came that day or the next day or the next day. Soon I was not going at all. I just felt too lost with no motivation or guidance.

This is a scenario that many people can relate to. You want to get healthy and fit but you’re not sure how to get there and what will work for you. Living a healthy lifestyle is about putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The first piece of the puzzle is Structure - you need to know what to do when you start a fitness program. You need to have a program put together for you that will get you the best results and keep getting you results as time goes on. Next you need Accountability - It is very helpful when there is a person or people counting on you to come and workout. You know that you need to set that time aside and make sure you keep your appointment. That’s why “anytime” does not work. Last is Motivation – you need someone cheering you on. Letting you know how to reach your goals and that you can reach your goals. You also need to see results and keep seeing results.  My Stronger Self can provide you with all the tools needed to reach your goals … THIS IS YOUR YEAR!

Jill’s Weight Loss Journey

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Jill’s Weight Loss Journey


In December 2009, I was at my heaviest, 233lbs. I finally got tired of being tired and having no energy. I started to exercise on my own, a couple of hours a week. I started to see results, but I figured there had to be more to working out and getting in shape. I noticed a bulletin announcement in late April, and in May decided to join the free boot camps held at St. Mary Magdalen in Brighton by My Stronger Self Fitness Studio. It was tough! I thought I am never going to get through this, but with Lori by my side each and every step of the way, I did! I started to get stronger, and being able to run more, do more sit ups, and push-ups! I never would have thought that I could do the things that Lori was telling me to do. It was a process as I was only going to boot camp, so the weight came off slowly, but I started to see results. I decided to join My Stronger Self in June. My weight has dropped, and my confidence has soared! I am able to do anything, with more energy than I ever thought possible!

Thanks to Lori, and her team of wonderful trainers, I am seeing results, and have never felt better! This weight loss journey has taught me a lot about myself, and I truly have found that I am a stronger, more confident person who can do anything I put my mind to.

Thank you,
Jill Gautherat

Jill – AFTER

Jill is a hard worker and we know when she walks through the door she’s going to give us her all. She consistently comes to her strength training classes and often pushes herself to stay for another hour of cardio. Jill also pays close attention to her eating habits and nutrition which is so important in any healthy fitness program. We must have those 3 elements to be successful – Strength Training, Cardio Exercise and Healthy Eating! Jill is extremely positive and upbeat and that attitude can’t help but spread around the gym to others.

Jill, you’re a great source of inspiration to all of us and we’re so happy for your success! Keep up the awesome work … you are well on your way to reaching your goals!  

Prayers Needed for One of Our Members!

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Your Prayers Our Needed for One of Our Members


We are saddened to say, that one of our fitness studio members’, Kathleen Anderson, son Michael was diagnosed with with Rhabdomyosarcoma. He has a cancerous tumor in his abdomen and cancerous cells in his bone marrow, lymph nodes and the fluid surrounding his lungs. This is a vicious disease that will take 1 year of aggressive chemo, radiation and treatment to fight. He is currently undergoing his first round of chemo at U of M, which started on December 24th. Originally his parents had taken him to the emergency because they thought he had swallowed or aspirated part of his mouth guard from hockey. From there is where they found this tumor.

Michael, his twin brother Sean, Dave and Kathleen need your thoughts and prayers!! They will also need the support. Michael will need moral support through emails and cards. The family is not asking for anything but prayers right now. We know that they are traveling to Ann Arbor from Fenton every day. So, we plan to take any donations at the studio and forward them to the Anderson’s since we know all their expenses will add up quickly.

Please contact Michael and Sean on Facebook or at Michael’s email address:

You may also send cards and good wishes to the studio: 1361 Old Us Highway 23, Brighton, MI 48114 and we’ll forward them on.

Whether you know the Anderson’s or not, please keep them in your prayers.

Thank you,

Lori & Lisa

My Stronger Self Tshirts NOW Available!

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By popular demand, My Stronger Self Fitness Studio & Gym now has

TSHIRTS available for purchase!

We’ve got tshirts with the My Stronger Self logo on front available in 2 styles of shirts and three colors: Black, Grey and White.

My Stronger Self Brighton Gym

This is our Bella 100% Cotton Tshirt which is more fitted with a slightly longer torso. Comes in Black, Grey and White. Sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large for $15.

My Stronger Self Brighton Fitness Studio

Below is our Anvil 100% cotton Tshirt. It fits like your standard tshirt. Comes in Black, Grey & White. Sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large for $15. Also available in 2XL ans 3XL for $17.

Place your order at the studio or send us an email at

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