6 Reasons Weight Training Must Be a Priority

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6 Reasons Weight Training Must Be a Priority


1 – Weight Training is the Best Way to Maintain Your Muscle in a Calorie Deficit

If you’re reducing your calorie intake, you run the risk of losing lean muscle mass along with fat. Without weight training your body grabs a large portion of its energy by cannibalizing the muscle you’ve worked so hard to keep! Cardio and diet alone are not enough to protect you from muscle takeover … strength training is a MUST!

2 – Weight Training Burns Calories and Increases Fat Loss

Strength training also contributes to your total daily energy expenditure while building muscle at the same time.  Cardio isn’t the only calorie burner!

3 – Weight Training Increases Your Metabolism

Strength training creates microtrauma to the muscle fibers, which must be repaired during your recovery period between workouts. This process is  metabolically costly because it takes a lot of energy to repair damaged muscle and synthesize new lean tissue. Research has also documented that weight training can actually stimulate a greater post-exercise metablism-boosting effect than cardio.

4 – Weight Training Improves Your Health

Physicians, public health officials and exercise organizations now recommend stregnth training and not just cardio exercise for heart health, improved blood cholesterol profiles, strengthened bone density, increased insulin sensitivity and other health benefits.

5 – Weight Training is the Chisel You Use to Sculpt and Shape Your Body

Carrie - AFTER

With diet alone, you may only end up a smaller version of your old self. With strength training, you can chisel away unwanted fat and add muscle exactly where you want it, in the exact amount you want. Your body is a work of art always in progress and strength training is your tool.


6 – Weight Training Helps Reverse the Aging Process

Who doesn’t want to stay looking young? People who don’t maintain their lean body mass through strength training will lose up to 40% of their muscle by age 65. Many accept this deterioration as a part of life, most sedentary people experience accelarated pathological aging, not normal aging.  When it comes to muscle the old saying “use it or lose it” is lterally true! Stregnth training is as close to the fountain of youth as you will ever come!

At My Stronger Self, we believe in the 3 pillars that make up the most effective fitness program: Diet, Cardio Exercise and STRENGTH TRAINING! You must have all 3 to succeed not just at weight loss, but at the game of life! To read about some our member success stories click here.

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Fitness … It’s Not Just About Losing Weight

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Fitness … It’s Not Just About Losing Weight


Teresa (right) with daughter Heather

Teresa (right) with daughter Heather

Looking and feeling good in my favorite jeans is one of the benefits of eating right and getting the right amount of exercise. I started working out at My Stronger Self in June, 2010 looking forward to reaping the benefits of a good diet and regular exercise. I knew from past experience that with hard work and honest effort I could count on weight loss and a stronger mind body connection. Like most people I could come up with many ‘good reasons’ not to work out, no time, too tired, work, it costs $$, doing the same workout over and over again gets b-o-r-i-n-g. The list goes on… 

For almost 20 years I have been on 2 medications for high blood pressure. When I started working with Lori Murphy, our trainer at My Stronger Self in June, 2010 my goal was to lose a few pounds and hopefully go off the medications. By November, 2010 I was able to go off one of those medications. And since I am now eating right and diligently working out 5 times a week my blood pressure readings have steadily come down to such a healthy rate, that as of my annual check-up in January, 2011 my doctor gave me the green light to go off the other medication.  Another HUGE benefit came to light while comparing my blood work results from 2010 to 2011. My doctor told me that my triglycerides (a measure of the level of fat in our blood) had gone from a pretty good 55 to a now very low and awesome 24!  Not completely understanding how the numbers measure all that fat, I asked her if that was good?  She laughed a little and said, “Let’s put it this way, 55 is good, but I am salivating at 24!” Now that’s motivating!!

What does all of this mean?  I would be kidding myself if I said it has been ‘easy’.  This journey has just begun and it will take ALOT of hard work and strong commitment.  I know I can count on the encouragement and motivation I have received from Lori, Lisa, Bridgette and Michelle of My Stronger Self.  These ladies have been relentless in helping me to see that I can push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals.

I have not only lost a few pounds (minus 10 and losing!), I have lost inches and I have gained the trust in myself to know that I can have fun while I take care of my body and the good health benefits will come along for the ride. Where else can I go to get a great cardio workout and laugh with other girls and dance around in a colorful jingle skirt? (Zumba!!!) I am having fun! I feel better than I have in my whole life and it shows from the inside out! 

Oh, and by the way, with the money I saved from attending FREE Saturday boot camp, I bought myself some new favorite jeans….Yeah, Baby, Yeah!! 


Teresa is an excellent example of how a proper diet and exercise has so many more benefits than just losing weight and inches. It’s clear this winning combination of diet, strength training and cardio exercise is paying off above and beyond her and her doctors’ expectations. With that being said, Teresa has dropped pounds and inches since joining My Stronger Self and you can see how strength training has really helped her tone and strengthen her entire body. Teresa is looking awesome, feeling great and it shows!

Teresa is the My Stronger Self Member of the Month (and Zumba Queen!) because she works hard, always comes to class, provides support to so many of our members and is a constant inspiration to everyone around her. She’s a pleasure to have in class and spreads so much fun and happiness whenever she’s around. We appreciate you Teresa and all the hard work you put in as well as your relentless support of My Stronger Self.  Thank you for being YOU!!!

Fund Raiser for Michael Anderson

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Fundraiser for Michael Anderson


Michael Anderson

Michael was recently diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Michael and his twin brother Sean are freshman at Hartland High School. The Anderson’s are active members of the Hartland Community and Kathleen is a member of our gym, My Stronger Self.

We would like to show our support for the Anderson family during this very difficult time by donating 5% of every training package purchased at our studio from now until the end of February to the Michael Anderson Fund.

Alternatively, you can also stop by any local TCF Bank locations and make a donation to the Michael Anderson Fund.

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