Check Out Our 1 1/2 Hour Cardio Blast

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Check out our crazy cardio blast video!

This is not one of regularly scheduled classes. We sneak into our fitness schedule every once in a while. If you’re ready for an hour and half of cardio and toning that is guaranteed to make you sweat and burn LOTS of calories this is the class for you.

 *** Don’t miss the next cardio blast class straight from the My Stronger Self Fitness Studio & Gym in Brighton, MI, email us at to be added to our mailing list so you’re the first to know about future classes and news. *** 


How Do You Talk to Yourself?

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How Do You Talk To Yourself?


How often do you say negative things about yourself, whether it be out loud or in your head? Studies show that 72% of our self-talk is self-critical or negative! It’s a habit most of us fall victim to quite easily. Negativity breeds self-limiting beliefs and can cripple our progress no matter what we’re trying to achieve.

Here are some ways to help break that habit:

Recognize Non-Empowering Thoughts: To shift away from negative, self-defeating thoughts you must first recognize them. Keep a journal and write a general summary of your thoughts for the day and analyze how you speak to yourself. You may not think you are hard on yourself, but this exercise may prove otherwise.

Set a New Mental Equivalent:  Rise out of negativity in as many ways as you can identify. Think great thoughts about everyone. See yourself as a success, and that you’ve come into this world with a gift.

Know that Thoughts Create Reality: when we continue to stay in negative thought patterns that do not serve our higher purpose we are destined to keep repeating the same life experiences over and over again because we will never view reality any differently. Think positive and those thoughts are what become our reality.

Cancel Our Old Thoughts and Substitute Powerful Ideas:

1.) Check Your State of Mind – Be consciously aware of what you want to create and claim it as your unique mantra.

2.) Focus on Today – the past is the past, so don’t dwell on it. Today is a new day!

3.) See the Big Picture – move gracefully through the difficult moments because we are not stuck there! Life goes by way to fast, make each day count and don’t waste energy on negativity.

4.) Release Negative Expectations- instead practice positive expectation and by believing in this process, you will be surrounded by positive circumstances.

5.) Be Thankful – there is nothing more positive than being thankful for all the good in our life no matter how big or small. There is always something to be thankful for.

One final idea about helping to eliminate negative self-talk in our life. I saw a TV program where they had each participant find a picture of themselves when they were young. She asked them to look at that picture and asked the question, “would you ever say the things you say to yourself now to this little girl or boy in the picture? Would you tell this little girl she was fat or ugly?”

Most of us would never in a million years say the things we say to ourselves to any child. Why is it so easy to say it to ourselves as adults? Don’t we tell our kids how wonderful they are and that they can do anything if they put their minds to it? We do this for a reason don’t we?

Get out a old picture of yourself and think about all the things you love about that little girl or boy because you are still that same person! Say one thing out loud that is positive right now. I encourage you to post your childhood picture and a positive statement about yourself on our Facebook Fan Page . And continue to love yourself because there are a million reasons you should!

Lori Murphy - My Stronger Self

Decisions … To Be Fit or Not To Be Fit

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Decisions … To Be Fit or Not To Be Fit

My name is Gail McCoy. Since joining My Stronger Self a few months back, I have re-discovered my own personal fitness and weight loss journey. I wasn’t able to start this awesome journey until I made a DECISION. A decision to improve my health and lose the extra weight that I let creep on. In the past, I’ve told myself that ‘this is the year’, ‘yes, of course I want to lose weight’ blah blah blah … but it wasn’t until I made the decision that I was able to open my mind and believe.

Gail McCoy - BEFORE

Here’s a little of my story. I’ve always been mindful of my health and conscience of my weight. Throughout my 20′s and 30′s, I was always involved in something to maintain that. A few years back I was at my heaviest so I made the decision to change. I joined Weight Watchers and reached my goal. I remained there for 2 years, then became inattentive to that goal and let it all come back (and them some). I had disappointed myself to the point where I felt doomed to be forty and fat.

Still not ready to accept my weight gain as a permanent one, I tried something else. I joined a local gym. I won’t mention any names but the gym was dirty, the staff unprofessional, unavailable, unhelpful, and uncaring. Just to mention a few of their qualities. I had paid for a full year, so I went, and went, but unfortunately I didn’t even come close to my goal. I was back to square one. I’m a fighter, a quiet one, but still a fighter. I still wasn’t ready to believe this was my destiny.

I let some time go by, and each passing day I felt less confident, less attractive, less energy, less of everything I believed in. Then the fighter in me came busting out… screaming… NO!!!! You are made of more than this!! I’m a pretty positive and optimistic person and I wasn’t willing to let that go. I made yet another decision. To get a hold of it once and for all and do it right. I attended one of My Stronger Self’s FREE Saturday Boot Camps, spent some time with Lori and instantly knew this is what I had been searching for and missing. My Stronger Self offers strength training, cardio classes, FREE boot camps, one on one advice, tips, encouragement, and a staff that I believe genuinely cares for my success. Far beyond what any gym had offered me. With all these tools at my fingertips, I felt irresponsible to not utilize every one of them.

Lori expects nothing less from her clients. I love that she expresses her expectations and leaves no room for excuses. I appreciate her knowledge, professionalism and personal training. Her staff makes you believe your goal CAN be reached, but as with anything worthy in life, it must be worked for. I’m finally back to what works for me. Consistency, journaling, and determination.

Gail McCoy - AFTER

Thanks Lori, Michelle and Lisa. Thanks for bringing what others offer, but fail to deliver.


It’s not hard to see why we have selected Gail McCoy as our Member of the Month. She is a hard worker and all this hard work is definitely paying off. Gail is really trimming down and looking so fit and healthy! She makes great use of all the resources we have to offer. She’s one of the sweetest people we know and we all love having her smiling face at the gym. You are doing so awesome Gail … glad you made the “decision” to call our gym home! Thank you for your never-ending support!!!!

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