Are You Training Your Child to Be Overweight?

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Are You Training Your Child to Be Overweight?

Happy, Healthy Kids!

We all want the best for our kids. You want your kids to have fun and to look and feel great about themselves. We do all we can to help provide them with whatever we can to lead active, healthy lifestyles. However, how many times have you seen your kids mimic what you do or say? They are absorbing the negative messages and behavior we wished they’d never seen or heard.

Even if your kids are active and slender now, you need to be aware of subtle ways you could be teaching your kids poor habits. Take note of these warning signs that you could be setting your kids up for a lifetime of bad habits and worse yet obesity.

Warning Sign #1:

  • Do you regularly skip breakfast?
  • Do you often eat Pop-Tarts or fast food breakfast sandwiches in the car?
  • Do you eat together as a family?
  • Do eat your meals in a hurry, everyone grabbing what they can anywhere but at the dinner table?

Kids need to see regular meal times as part of a consistent lifestyle rather than something that’s jammed into the cluttered corners of a hectic life.

People often tend to eat larger portions and make bad choices when they are constantly grabbing food on the run or eating in front of the TV. If you’re so busy to make time for healthy eating, some serious evaluation of your life needs to happen.

There are lots of reasons to avoid over-scheduling your family life, but setting a good example for your kids about making their health and fitness a priority is one of the most important.

Warning Sign #2:

  • Do you sign your kids up for soccer or dance to make sure they remain active but don’t do anything for yourself?
  • Are all your kids fitness activities organized and scheduled with very little free time left to simply run around?
  • How often do you walk places as a family or do strenuous activities such as yard work together?
    Kids need to see fitness not as something you do for an hour a day a few days a week but rather a series of choices they make every day.
    Warning Sign #3:
  • Are you constantly complaining about your body in front of your kids?
  • Do they hear you talk about food being “bad”?
  • Do they hear you talk about eating healthy food as though it were a burden or chore?
  • Do you dicsuss exercise as if it were torture?

Proper eating habits should be a matter of fact health issue, not a moral judgement call. Yet so many of us fall into this trap every day and worse, we do it within earshot of our kids.

Our kids will absorb our attitudes towards weight and food, including our perceived powerlessness against tempting foods or that exerxise is inherrently difficult, unpleasant, or undesrable. Watch the language you use about weight, diet and exercise. Show your kids that it’s possible to make better choices most of the time without feeling deprived or burdened. If you crave an ocassional treat go ahead and indulge you and your family without going on and on about how bad you are being by snekaing a treat or how it will go straight to your hips.

Show your kids ways they can enjoy exercise by naturally incorporating fitness into their every day lives. Teach them that nourishing their bodies is more important and should be a top priority. Model healthy attitudes about weight, eating and exercise.

Doing these things will give them the tools they’ll need to live the healthiest lives possible while also helping ensure that you will be an active presence in their lives for a lot longer!

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Busy Mom of 5 Makes Fitness a Priority

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Busy Mom of 5 Makes Fitness a Priority

Amy Neuer is our latest My Stronger Self Member of the Month. Amy is an excellent example of a busy Mom and small business owner who’s making a conscience effort to put her health and wellbeing at the top of the list! Amy has 5 children and is co-owner of Gold Diggers, LLC. Needless to say she is one busy lady and yet she hits the gym consistently, tracks her eating
and comes to all the nutrition meetings. It’s no wonder she’s seeing results. While she may not have a lot of weight to lose, Amy recognizes that it’s equally as important to be healthy and fit for herself and her family. Find Amy and ask her about her secret to balancing family, work and her health so successfully. We’re so happy for your success Amy!  You’ve worked hard and certainly deserve title of “Member of the Month”!

Hi, I am Amy Neuer. I am 35 years old, my entire married life I have been on some type of diet and exercise plan. I have 5 children, and have gained and lost 50 lbs several times over the last 12 years. Sometimes it would come off easier than other times. I knew that our family was complete after my last daughter, Brinley, was born in June 2010. I wanted to get into a program right away. I have taken several classes before, spin, boot camp, personal training, but never had I tried anything quite like My Stronger Self!

After joining in December, I have seen great changes in my body. My weight loss has not been as quick as when I was on other plans, but I am wearing smaller sizes and feel very strong. It is a challenge every week to make time for the classes and commit to the nutrition planning but I know that I am worth it! It makes me a better wife and mom, as well as a healthier person.

I am more than half way through my program and hopeful that I will meet my final goals within the 2011 year. Lori and Michelle push me hard, and are always filling my head with positive thoughts during class. There was a time when I would have walked when it got tough but now I welcome the challenge. I feel that the education that these instructors have given me with both exercise and diet will be with me for life. I recently began running, and cannot wait to try a 5K with our group! It is so motivating hearing all the great success stories from friends in class.

I wish that everyone could feel the energy we do after a good class. Thank you, My Stronger Self!

I have always believed that one women’s success can only help another women’s - Gloria Vanderbilt

Amy Neuer & Family