10 Tips to Keep Off the Holiday Pounds

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10 Tips to Keep Off the Holiday Pounds

Well, here we are less than a week away from Christmas and the holiday hustle and bustle is in fully swing. I don’t think the retailers will be satisfied until we are preparing for Christmas all year round! It’s also the time of year where we tend to lose sight of our health and fitness goals because we’re so busy, forced to face holiday parties filled with too many tempting dishes and dare I say it … the in-laws. Now all we’re left with is yet another New Year’s resolution to help get us back on track. It feels like a no-win situation doesn’t it? Here’s a few tips to help us all survive the holidays:

1. Plan Your Workouts:
It’s not too late to grab a calendar right now and plan each and every workout from now until Dec. 31. Treat them like an appointment for one of your kids. We rarely miss those do we? If we do, we reschedule. Our motto at My Stronger Self is “if you erase, you must replace.” In other words, if you absolutely have to miss a workout, then you need to reschedule it for another time that day or week. Workouts are crucial this time of year to combat the parties, stress, etc. that we all experience during the holidays.

2. Eat Before a Party:
If you’re invited to a party be sure to eat a small nutritious snack just before you go. Feeling more full will help keep you away from the foods that are sure to sabotage your healthy eating.

3. Find a Holiday Outfit:
Find a great outfit you want to wear for a special occasion over the holidays and keep trying it on as you lead up to the event. Your goal is to look good in it and gaining any extra pounds won’t get you there.

4. Talk to Your Family:
It’s important whether it’s the holidays or not, to discuss with your family and friends that you’re trying to eat healthier whatever the reason may be. Help them to understand how important it is for you and that you’d like to make sure healthier food options are available during your get-togethers.

5. Find Healthy Recipe Alternatives:
We all love Grandma’s famous sugar cookie recipe but this is the year to give it a healthy face lift. There are thousands of websites that will help you make your favorite dishes more healthy for the holidays. Save a few for your family and give the rest away.

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6. Plan Holiday Meals & Shopping List:
Planning meals and what you need to buy at the grocery store is important. By sticking with your list, you’ll be less likely to snatch up those impulse purchases which just so happen to almost always be bad for us.

7. Plan Family Walks:
Get the entire family up and moving after dinner with a walk. It feels good to get outside, helps burn a few extra calories and it’s great quality time with entire family.

8. Create a Christmas Wish List:
How many pairs of slippers, pajamas, and candles do you really need? Make a wish list that includes a healthy cook book, training package, workout clothes, or new gym shoes.

9. Post Your Goals:
Place a photo of what you want to look like or your written health goals where you will see them. Some people put them right on the fridge door as a constant reminder before they dive into something they shouldn’t. This is a tip you can use all year round.

10. Don’t Stress:
Don’t sweat the small stuff! Give to a family in need … when you give you instantly feel good and that helps melt away the stress. Remind yourself of how fortunate you are. There are always others who are less fortunate than ourselves. Many people aren’t able to exercise, be grateful you still can and DO IT! Never take it for granted.
Remember exercise and proper nutrition is not only good for us physically it also helps us mentally cope with day to day challenges life throws at us but especially during the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at My Stronger Self Fitness Studio!
This post originally appeared on the Hartland.Patch.com: http://hartland.patch.com/blog_posts/10-tips-to-keep-off-holiday-pounds

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