Lori Murphy, Owner

Lori is the owner of Brighton’s My Stronger Self Fitness Studio.  As a personal trainer and fat loss expert, she’s been helping people for almost two decades lose weight and keep it off.

“I have worked with a lot of people as a Personal Trainer.  I know that when people are overweight and need to take better care of themselves it affects other areas of their lives. They hold back from taking part in social activities, are less involved with their children’s activities or just do not enjoy life the way they’d like to.”

The goal is to help people learn how to incorporate a healthy eating and exercise plan; one that will teach them how to lose body fat, speed up their metabolism, gain strength and confidence. It’s about helping them take their lives BACK!

Lori trains men, woman and children of all ages, whether its sports conditioning, weight loss or strength training. She specializes in helping woman ages 30-70 “reverse the aging process”. She does so by showing them how to lose body fat, build lean muscle tissue and rev up their metabolism so their bodies are working for them rather than against them.

Bridjette Lavigne

Our original wild woman, Bridjette, is always workin’ it for the crowd whether she’s busy shakin’ her “bon bon” in Zumba or tearing it up in Group Training, Barre or Real Ryder Spinning! Here’s what some of our members have to say about our Bridjette:

“Bridjette is such an upbeat inspiration. She pushes me through workouts with encouragement and doesn’t make me feel like a slacker because of my weaknesses” ~ Laura Pierce

“One of the best! Besides her being a rockstar! at zumba, she sends a vibe of positivity and happiness to everyone around her, with a touch of mischief!” ~ Evelyn Larsson

“How can you not love Bridjette, she is so much fun! I always have such a great time in all of her classes. Her Zumba is so much fun that you forget you’re working out. Can hardly wait for Wed. Night to come around.” ~ Maureen Scheffler

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Teresa Arnold

You’ll find Teresa killin’ it at 530am Boot Camps, makin’ the troops sweat it out every Saturday at St. Mary’s for our FREE Saturday Boot Camp AND dishing out some tough stuff in Group Training. But anyone who knows her, knows what a positive light she is to everyone she touches!

“Thank you, Teresa, for all your positive energy and making sure our form is correct. You show us by example that we can be Over 40, Fit, and Fabulous! ~ Laura Peirce

“Teresa always has kind words ! I always look for her smiley face , she’s a true asset to MSS” ~ Kathy Sistek

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Debbie Hebda

Debbie is one of the many beloved fitness instructors we have here at My Stronger Self Fitness. The perfect combination of TOUGH and FUN! Whether you’re spinning your wheels in her RealRyder Spinning classes, pushing through trembling legs in her Barre class or kicking some serious butt during her many cardio blasts such as Ignite, Cardio X, Triple 15 or Step. We guarantee she’ll be asking you for everything you’ve got and you better sing along to the music! With a big heart, even bigger personality and professionalism, it’s not hard to understand why she’s one of the BEST!

“Beautiful Deb inside & out!! Great motivator- love this lady& she is a lady!!!” ~ Denise Schwartz

“Deb pushes us to the next level when we won’t go there! Encouraging and funny!! THANK YOU!” ~ Jackie Grudziecki

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Joni Radke

Joni is one tough cookie who loves to make you sweat whether it’s on our RealRyder bikes or on the training room floor! She will definitely push you to your limit. Like all our fitness trainers, she has her sweet side too … always ready to listen to our members and help them out in any way she can. No wonder she’s loved so much.

“Joni was my inspiration for strength training. She is challenging And she gave me the confidence to go for it. I especially love when she joins in on Zumba class. Woohoo to Joni!” ~ Maureen Scheffler

“Joni is tough but it’s all for you, she’ll push you because she knows you can when you don’t know it. Thanks for being our rock Joni!” ~ Kathie Rollinger

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Judy Brown

Whether you walk into Judy’s Barre, Power Yoga, Triple 15 or Step Challenge classes, you know you’ll be leaving dripping with sweat! Judy accepts nothing less … just look at those guns … LOL !!! She’s a powerhouse at the studio and we are all very lucky to have her with us!

“She is AMAZING!!!!” ~ Kim Ray

“Love Judy! Always a high energy workout!” ~ Sandy Buczek

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Renee Bonk

Renee is full of energy and her classes pack them in! You’ll find Renee workin’ that step like nobody’s business in her 90 minute Cardio N’ More class. Or breakin’ it down for our newbies in her free Instructional Step class. Just like all our instructors, she’s a blast in the class!!!!

“The only sound I hear in Renee’s class is the sweat rolling off my own a**!! (hey, it rhymes!) Thanks, Renee, for keeping us moving and energized. I think an added benefit is the exercise my brain gets translating Renee’s commands to my feet!” ~ Laura Pierce

“Renee is great!!” ~ Denise Schwartz

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Terri Herrick

Terri is awesomely talented and we very fortunate to have her at our fitness studio rockin’ it every Saturday morning Zumba and now Monday’s for her new class Bokwa! Terri brings with her tons of fun, tons of energy and classes no one ever wants to miss. No wonder she is adored by many but especially us!

“She is a natural dancer and a natural teacher!” ~ Kim Christiansen

High energy and Terri always has a smile on her face, or is it a smirk because some of us in her class have two left feet!?…lol” ~ Lori Stevenson

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Michelle Janiga

Michelle teaches our super sizzling Zumba Sentao. She’s bubbly, super fun and very interactive with her class. She knows how to make you sweat but still have a great time!!! Thank you Michelle for being a part of our special family.

“Michelle definitely has a special place on my heart. I love her and her class. She lights up the room with her personality . She just is plain AWESOME” ~ Kathy Sistek

“ LOVE Michelle! Super fun and an awesome!” ~ Beth Peterson

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Kim Lenga

Kim is one of our SUPER Instructors! Just check out her  90 minute Kick n’ Core class and you will see what we mean! Kim also helps us teach Kick Boxing, Step and always ready to jump in and kick some serious butt whenever we need her! Thank you Kim you are a Rock Star!!!

“ Love Kim and her cardio x! One of my favorite classes” ~ Kathie Rollinger

“ I love Kim’s classes , we never know what she’ll do next! She always mixes it up…she’s great:)” ~ Kathy Sistek

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