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Fit-4-Life Challenge 2014


What Is the Fit-4-Life Challenge?

The Fit-4-Life Challenge is a 6 week team based fitness competition based on weight, inches and body fat lost. Plus, we tally various team participation points to make it a little more interesting. It’s a thrilling 6 weeks where you’ll make new friends, finally have fun exercising, talk a little smack to the other teams, and rally your team to victory! And more importantly, see real results! If you’ve been looking for a reason to kick start your fitness routine or break through that plateau … then this is EXACTLY what you need.

Why Join a Weight Loss Competition?

 Studies have shown that when we workout in a group we are

  • More Motivated
  • More Accountable
  • Have More Fun!
  • And, more FUN means we’re more likely to stick with it!

When Does It Start?

  • Registration Begins March 24th
  • Kick Off Meeting is April 24th at 630pm
  • 6 Week Challenge Runs April 24th – June 5th
  • Finale Party June 10th

How Much Does It Cost?

$79 for Members

$99 for Non-Members

What Do We Get?

  • Body Fat %, Measurements & Weight taken at the beginning and end of competition
  • An “exclusive, make you sweat til’ you drop” workout just for our Fit-4-Life Challengers every Tuesday or Thursday 730pm
  • Food and workout journals
  • Accountability from Teammates, Team Captain and Coach
  • Cool T-Shirt so you can sport your team colors
  • Sack full of goodies and discounts from My Stronger Self Fitness, Lean Life Nutrition Program and tons of local businesses
  • Celebration party at the end to announce winning team, individual winners plus LOTS of prizes and surprises for everyone

What Do We Get if We Win? 

A “healthier”  YOU for starters! BRAGGING RIGHTS of course!! Not enough? OK, the top 3 biggest losers will receive some AWESOME prizes as well as the Winning Team!


In 2012, Fit-4-Life Challengers lost 283 pounds, 307 inches & 85% Body Fat in 60 Days!

No fad diets … just good old fashioned hard work and clean eating!!!!!

Fit-4-Life 2012 Individual Winner – Michelle Hamilton from the RED Team

She lost 21.6 Pounds, 7.6% Body Fat & 26.5 Inches in 60 Days!

Fit-4-Life 2012 Team Winners – The RED TEAM


In 2013, Fit-4-Life Challengers lost 583 pounds, 348 inches & 109% Body Fat in 6 Weeks!

Fit-4-Life Challenge 2013 Individual Winner – Tara Botero from the Black Team

She lost 21 pounds, 5.2% Body Fat & 15.5 Inches in 6 Weeks!

Fit-4-Life 2013 Winner

Fit-4-Life 2013 Winner – Tara Botero (on left) pictured with past winners


 Thank you for all your kind words!

This was the best weight loss challenge that I have ever competed in!! From the beginning meeting to the end, It was very organized, very challenging, rewarding and most of all fun!! The Tuesday Fit-4-Life Workouts were great with all the teams together, but also getting together outside the gym, making new friends and pushing each of use to do things we normally would not do. And really feeling rewarded at the end. Not only will I do this next year, but I will recommend it to others!!! IT WAS GREAT!!!! Thanks Again!!!! Carrie McClure

I wasn’t going to do this because I am not in great shape, but I am glad I joined in mostly because I learned I could do more than I anticipated. Judy B.

You all did a great job and I miss it already! Dennis

The Fit 4 Life Challenge was just another example of the dedication of Lori and her staff to encourage, teach and lead by example how to improve your health and self image through hard work and a good support system. My initial goal was to lose a dress size – and I did. However, with the discipline I learned and the feeling of accomplishment I achieved, I am eager to continue my quest for a healthier, stronger body. Thank you Lori and your wonderful staff. Laura Jahn

The fit 4 Life Challenge was a fun and enthusiastic program that got the whole team involved! It was good to be held accountable for your choices. I appreciated all the useful information the staff provided. Gail

Throughout the full 60 days of the challenge, I always felt the support and encouragement of my team members, Lisa, Lori and the staff of Coaches at My Stronger Self. What was most impressive was that although this was clearly a challenging competition ALL team members encouraged and supported ALL the other teams and many of the teams even worked together at times. I am quite certain that no one and no other fitness facility is more sincerely committed to the good health and well being of their members than Lori, Lisa and the entire staff at My Stronger Self. Teresa Arnold

The fit 4 life challenge was a great experience. It showed that if you work hard you would see results. You got out of it what you put in. The team effort was also motivating and fun. I’ll be ready for the next fit 4 life challenge! Carol

This was a terrific way to kick start the Summer. My “New Year’s Resolutions” were wearing thin when this start, so it was very welcome. The eight week length was perfect as it was enough time for actions to become habits. Thank you so much for all the extra work this took on the staff side. I’d love to do it again next year!! Heidi Kasab

I was hesitant in joining the Fit-4-Life Challenge because I had been working out for over a year already and had not seen the weight loss I was looking for. I did however decide to join and am so glad I did! It got me re-focused and I was accountable not only to myself but to my team. I did not want to let them down or myself! I beat my personal weight goal and started running again. This is something I haven’t done in about 10 years! If it weren’t for the Tuesday night run we did I still wouldn’t think that I could run 3 miles!! So thanks on so many different levels – for the support, getting us to think outside the box, meeting new people and exceeding my goal! I will participate again and will highly recommend to others! Thanks Lori and Lisa! Megan

I can’t begin to express all my positive thoughts about the staff and members at My Stronger Self.  It was great fun and I obtained great results. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a nudge to get started toward reaching weight loss and fitness goals. The staff at My Stronger Self is knowledgeable and caring, the members are supportive and friendly, the workouts are challenging and yet still fun! They have the whole package at My Stronger Self. Give it a try. What have you got to lose?  ~ Michelle Hamilton, 2012 Winner

Excellent program. Keeps you focused and in touch with people with the same goals and interests. A great way to try new things and push yourself to the next level of fitness.

The challenge has totally changed me for the better. I see working out in a whole new light. I enjoy coming to the gym and the friendships that I have are wonderful. Everyone there is just awesome.

I loved the Tuesday Fit-4-Life Workouts, it was great having all teams together, showing support not only for your team but for everyone, a little competition is always fun.

FANTASTIC … Lori was great, always pushing us to do the best we could, reminding us not to loose focus and to work hard not only for ourselves but also for the team … the rest of the staff was great, they gave support to everyone regardless of what team you were on.

All the staff at MSS rocks. They seem to genuinely care about the clients. They work hard to provide the right mix of challenge/fun. Loved all the extras that Lisa did with the videos and the emails keeping us pushing forward.

Last Day for Registration is April 18th, Late Registration begins April 14th and costs an extra $10.

Space is LIMITED this year! Do not wait … it will go QUICK!


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